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"Be Fast Or Be Last"

⚠️ SpeedKarting is a newly established industry being reimagined by some of the most advanced technologies ever seen within this genre. We take careful time in the engineering of each individual kart to the desired needs to fit our customers requests! Our goal is to always make extraordinary happen in our game, from our spectacular entertainment activities or to just simply watching the racing from our unforgivable views!

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HelpHelpHelpHelpHelpHelpHelpHeHelp fund future eventseventsbyfutureeventseventsbmontheeventseventsbyfutureeve the PR department by considering making a monthly Donation. Some of the perks include

  • Rainbow Name tag in-game

  • Booster Emoji Above Your Head ingame

  • Free VIP Lane In Races

  • Private Donator/Booster VC/Text chats

  • Your name featured on the Donors Page

  • Limited edition SpeedKarting Merch delivered directly to your door every 3 months! (Select tiers only)

All donations are used to fund future Community Events and ad campaigns

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