Our Lovely Alliances

Honey Creek Productions

Honey Creek Productions is a multi-media group. Honey Creek is dedicated to creating the finest of plays, musicals, talk shows, gameshows, and more based on the needs and wants of our community! We strive to create a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment.


Ryanair is a low cost provider based in Ireland, serving Europe. It is the largest budget airline in Europe. It is headquartered in Swords, Dublin. The Ryanair Group consists of 5 airlines, including Ryanair, Ryanair UK, Buzz, Lauda Europe and Malta Air.


Since their founding in September 2020, Volaria's goal has been to provide an entirely new approach to the ROBLOX industry. At Volariá, they strive to make your visit as satisfactory as possible. With their welcoming community, a wide selection of activities, and hardworking staff, Volariá truly is the dream you've been waiting for.

Boho Salon

Boho Salon is a salon establishment on the ROBLOX platform. Boho currently has 1,364,144 members and continuing to grow. Boho Salon does amazing cool makeovers for their customers and ensures that they look great and fashionable!


Hygiene is one of ROBLOX's largest dentists and is the best place to spend time with friends, get your teeth cleaned, or just hang out! Hygiene Dentist offers a bewildering experience when visiting and interacting with their staff. Their staff members are dedicated to making sure that you have an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.


Tovy provides a service where you're able to track staff activity, host sessions, etc. Tovy strives to ensure that they stay as an open-sourced platform that helps manage groups.

Chicken Shack

Chicken Shack is an all-new advanced restaurant that is guaranteed to satisfy all of their amazing customers, their signature fried chicken crafted right from their kitchens gives you a mouth-watering taste that will keep you coming back for more! Their highly trained staff are always willing to ensure you have an amazing time at their restaurant!

Dino continues to supply Roblox with its most fantastic Child Care Services. We are committed to serving you, the people of Roblox. We strive to accommodate our customers with the utmost fantastic service and experience. Our goal here at Dino's is to hold amazing Child Care as our number one priority, to make you feel as if you're at home. So, join Dino today to enjoy an everlasting moment of joy and fun!

Park East Middle School

"Together, expanding our horizons with innovation."
Park East is the biggest virtual school experience here on ROBLOX! At our school, our mission is to prepare all students to be responsible, and successful in our rapidly changing world. While empowering all students to embrace learning, achieve their personal best, and build their emotional, social, and physical well-being!

The Robloxian General Hospital

Welcome to The Robloxian General Hospital. The Robloxian General Hospital is one of the best hospitals on Roblox. Providing health care with the most modern high-tech technology, we strive to expand and continue modernizing in the world of curing patients for the highest quality healthcare possible.

Greenbrick Virtual School

Greenbrick is a family-friendly community on the ROBLOX platform that supports roleplaying, reinforcing individuals to their goals and most importantly, a fun community.